Indonesia Strengths Festival (In Collaboration With Gallup)

Indonesia Strengths Festival (In Collaboration With Gallup)

26 September 2020 (Sabtu)

09.00-21.00 WIB (9 AM-9 PM)

EARLYBIRD : Rp.500.000,-
NORMAL : Rp.1.000.000,-

Rp.15.000.000,- for 15 person

EARLYBIRD : Rp.1.200.000,-
NORMAL : Rp.2.500.000,-
Complementary CliftonStrength Top 5 Assessment
Coaching with Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

10 Pembicara + 10 Materi Terbaru

  1.  Tanadi Santoso (09.00 AM)
    In Love With Your Talents
  2. Andy Iskandar (10.00 AM)
    Turning Talents Into Strengths
  3. Lanny Budianti (11.00 AM)
    Ready..Set..Go!! – Strengths Based Implementation In The Workplace
  4. Saurav Atri (01.00 PM)
    Building A Strengths Based Culture In Disrupted Times
  5. Kanika Singh (02.00 PM)
    Building Leadership Competencies Through Strengths
  6. Roma Tampubolon (03.00 PM)
    Strengths Based Service Leadership
  7. Irene Phiter (04.00 PM)
    Every Leader Needs A Coach
  8. Rieswan Fauzan (05.00 PM)
    The Strengths Of The Team
  9. Ben Abadi (07.00 PM)
    Boosting Your Profit Using Strengths
  10. Dirga Suwandha (08.00 PM)
    Selling With Your Strengths

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