IT Governance

IT Governance

24-25 September 2020

Kuretakeso Hotel – Kemang / Blue Sky – Slipi/Best Western Premier – Cawang

Investasi :
Rp. 4.350.000,- (Group; REG for 3 person/more; payment before 17 Sep 2020)
Rp. 4.900.000,- (Early Bird; REG before 10 Sep 2020; payment before 17 Sep 2020)
Rp. 5.150.000,- (On The Spot; payment at the latest 24 Sep 2020)
Rp. 5.445.000,- (Full fare)

By examining how an organization makes IT investment decisions, implements new assets, delivers services, assesses risk and measures its own performance, the IT auditor can assure the organization is meeting its fiduciary, compliance and security responsibilities. By joining this training, participants will learn how to audit an organization’s use of its Information Technology assets.

In details, at the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Utilizing IT to further organization business objectives
  2. Aligning IT investments with business strategy
  3. Familiarizing strong control environment within the organization
  4. Understanding organizational information architecture and technical direction
  5. Assessing and managing IT risks
  6. Optimizing IT team to deliver services
  7. Understanding values for organization

Officers, supervisors and managers who are eager to understand, have the know-how, enhance and improve their skills in IT Governance within their organization.


  1. Foundations of IT Governance
  2.  Integrated IT Governance Framework and Roadmap
  3.  Business/IT Alignment Excellence
  4.  Program/Project Management (PM) Excellence
  5.  IT Service Management and Delivery (ITSMD) Excellence
  6. Outsourcing and Vendor Management Excellence
  7. Performance Management, Management Controls and Risk Management

In order for effective learning and full appreciation, the course will be delivered with 40% of the time devoted to important concepts and other theory topics and 60% allotted for hands-on lab exercise and case studies. Training lead will be assisted by presentation slides and actual demonstrations for clear understanding and smooth follow-through during the sessions. Active participation will be encouraged through individual work and collaborative effort.

Workshop Leader :
Goutama Bachtiar
Berpengalaman selama 12 tahun sebagai Praktisi Teknologi Informasi dan IT Trainer serta Lecturer pada berbagai korporasi, pusat pendidikan dan pelatihan serta institusi pendidikan di Indonesia termasuk pengalaman 5 tahun sebagai Project Leader dan Konsultan dan 5 tahun sebagai Developer serta Network Administrator.
Beberapa perusahaan yang pernah menggunakan jasanya antara lain adalah BIT Groups, Matrix Indonesia, CPE Globalreach, Universitas Tarumanagara, Universitas Krida Wacana, Mitra Karya, CMPS, Multimatics Indonesia, Informatics Indonesia, Hokinda Citralestari, Bank Artha Graha, ITB Kalbe, Hokinda Citralestari, Cahaya Listrindo, Newmont Nusa Tenggara, Boehringer Ingelheim, Artajasa, HESS.

Topik pelatihan yang pernah diberikan adalah IT Project Management, IT Service Management, IT Audit, Service Quality Management, Systems Analysis and Design, Systems and Network Administration, Document Management Systems, Technical Report Writing, Mobile and Web Programming.”


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