Modern Safety Management (MSM)

Modern Safety Management (MSM)

15 Nop 2021-18 Nop 2021
13 Des 2021-16 Des 2021

VENUE :   Hotel Kagum Group Bandung (Golden Flower, Banana Inn, Grand Seriti, Carrcadin, Amaroossa, Grand Serela, Gino Feruci, Verona Palace, Malaka, Zodiac Taurus)


This course is a comprehensive program appropriate for safety and loss control as well as risk management executives, operating managers, first-line supervisors, and safety professionals who need first hand knowledge of safety and loss control management systems. Modern Safety Management is the most widely attended safety and risk management course of its kind in the world. Based on proven principals of Safety and Risk Management, this course
provides participants with the fundamental concepts, techniques and applications for a practical, proactive approach to managing risk and controlling loss.

The insights furnished in Modern Safety Management provide significant opportunities for managing costs. Furthermore, they supplement an operational strategy to improve overall management. You’ll be able to apply the techniques immediately and see positive results. Modern Safety Management is an introductory course appropriate for safety and loss control executives, operating managers, first-line supervisors, and safety professionals who need first hand knowledge of safety and loss control management systems.

Safety and loss control executives, operating managers, first-line supervisors, team leaders and other safety managers. Persons seeking SEP Auditor under the service area group “Safety Management Certification” course within the Veritas Qualification Scheme Class (VQSC).

Day 1:
1.    Welcome, Introductions and Course Administration
2.    “Survivor:” An Icebreaker Exercise
3.    nderstanding Risk: The Key to Successful Safety Management
4.    Introduction to International Fabrication Industries – A Case Study
5.    The Causes, Effects and Control of Loss
6.    Homework Assignment: Study Questions

Day 2:
1.    Planned Inspections
2.    Group Risk Assessment
3.    Emergency Planning and Preparedness
4.    Managing the Occupational Health System
5.    Homework Assignment: Study Questions

Day 3:
1.    Communications
2.    Managing Contractor Safety
3.    Accident/Incident Investigation
4.    Homework Assignment: Study Questions

Day 4:
1.    Measuring and Monitoring Safety
2.    Safe Behavior Management
3.    Course Examination
4.    Selling Your Safety Plan to Management
5.    Personal Action Planning
6.    Course Summary, Critique and Close
7.    Selected Readings and Resources

Rp. 8.500.000/person (full fare) or
Rp. 8.250.000/person (early bird, payment 1 week before training) or
Rp. 7.950.000/person (if there are 3 persons or more from the same company)


  1. Training Module
  2. Training CD contains training material
  3. Certificate
  4. Stationeries: NoteBook and Ballpoint
  5. Jacket or waistcoat or T-Shirt
  6. Bag or backpackers
  7. Training Photo
  8. Training room with full AC facilities and multimedia
  9. Once lunch and twice coffeebreak every day of training
  10. Qualified instructor
  11. Transportation for participants from hotel of participants to/from hotel of training (if minimal number of participants from one company is 4 persons)

Bambang Pamudji, B.Sc.,SE. has much real experiences, he is former Senior Health and Safety staff at PT. Pupuk Sriwidjaja,PUSRI(Urea Fertilizer Manufacturer) Palembang. He was born in Pasuruan East Java, 14 March 1950. He got his B.Sc in Public Health from APK Surabaya in 1971 and was graduated from Economic Management Sriwidjaja University, UNSRI, Palembang in 1996. He has certificates in Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) from Depnakertrans RI/Institutions and Universities in Indonesia, institutions and Universities in UK, and National Safety Council. Experienced in setting up Health and Safety Management System documentation and its application. Experienced internal lead auditor SMK3 in PT. Pupuk Sriwidjaja, and External lead auditor SMK3 for Indonesian Association Fertilizer Producer. He has been teaching industrial training classes for many classes related to topics of his competencies, HSE. Many participants from many companies in Indonesia have participated in his training classes.

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